Sept. 12, 2022

Sage News: September 12, 2022

Week of September 12, 2022

Virtual Parent Summit: Day 2- September 23rd
We're excited to have you join us for Day 2 of the 2022 Virtual Sage Oak Parent Summit on Friday, September 23rd from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm! The focus will be on instructional strategies you can use at home. Please complete the form below to RSVP.  

Click here for the Parent Summit Day 1 Recordings: All about Curriculum
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Personalized Learning Academy - Prospective Parent Webinars
Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th at 4:00 pm. This webinar is designed for parents to learn more about our Personalized Learning Academy. Use the link below to register and learn more. Please share with friends and family who may be interested in learning more about our program! We will be offering webinars every Thursday in September.

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Sage Oak Student Store
The Sage Oak student store is now open and accepting orders until Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. Visit the online store to purchase Sage Oak spirit gear and represent Sage Oak! Your order will be shipped directly to your door, so please anticipate a shipping fee.

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Sage Stage- Hollywood Music Producer, Brent Daniels
Get ready for major music fun! Join us on the Sage Stage this Friday, September 16th at 9:00 am as we welcome Hollywood Music Producer, Brent Daniels. This is truly interactive entertainment and a premium educational experience you won’t soon forget!

For this reason, we will be using an exclusive Zoom link. Click below to join the Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 865 3514 4692
Passcode: 088715
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Sage Oak Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)- Optional 3rd Grade OLSAT 8 Testing
Attention All Third Grade Families: 
This fall we are offering an optional opportunity for all interested 3rd-grade students to take the OLSAT - 8, an online, proctored assessment of school ability. Students who earn a qualifying score are eligible to participate in Sage Oak’s Talented and Gifted program. Click below for more information.

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Counseling Corner
Join the school counselors on Tuesday, September 13th at 5:30 pm if you would like help getting started on your college applications, choosing a major, selecting a campus, and starting the financial aid process. We will give you all the tools you need to start applying to colleges! Click below for additional information.

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What is i-Ready?
i-Ready is an assessment that provides a "diagnosis" of a student's current levels, which helps to inform future instruction. About 50% of the questions should be "harder" or potentially "brand new" information due to its adaptability. This allows for more accurately pinpointing student needs down to the sub-skill level, providing valid individualized results. Upon completion, your student can jump into i-Ready’s personalized lessons!

Personalized Learning Academy Students - Instructional Fund Increase
Recently, the California State Government released their revision of the California State Budget which included increases in funding to all K-12 public schools. As a result, Sage Oak will be adding a one-time increase of $350 in instructional funds for all K-12 Personalized Learning Academy students for the 2022-23 school year!

Sage Oak Select Curriculum Updates
Our Curriculum & Instruction team has been hard at work reviewing varied curriculum options for our Sage Oak Select Curriculum lists. Please review the updates listed below:

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)- All non-religious IEW products are approved for writing instruction. If an IEW writing curriculum/product does not address the four main writing styles then your teacher can help you supplement with another approved writing curriculum in order to sufficiently address all writing standards.

Memoria Press Charter Site- The following have been reviewed and added to the Sage Oak Select Curriculum lists: 

Foundational Skills
1. Kindergarten - First Start Reading A-D
2. 1st Grade - Traditional Spelling Package I 
3. 2nd Grade - Traditional Spelling Package II 
4. 3rd Grade - Traditional Spelling Package III 

Literature Studies and Poetry Units:
1. Grade-level Packages
2. Literature Guides
3. Poetry Packages
4. Grade-level Packages for American Studies Set
Evan-Moor - The following have been reviewed and added to the Sage Oak Select Curriculum Science and Informational Text lists:
1. Daily Science (covers informational text standards)
2. Science Lessons & Investigations (covers informational text standards)
3. Skill Sharpeners Science (covers informational text standards)
WriteAtHome - WriteAtHome writing courses for grades 6-8 are now approved for the Sage Oak Select Curriculum writing list.
Miss Crady the Math Lady - The following have been reviewed and added to the Sage Oak Select Curriculum math list:
1. Math 6
2. Math 7
3. Pre-Algebra 
*Miss Crady the Math Lady Math 3, Math 4, and Math 5 classes utilize Singapore Math which is an already-approved math curriculum.