March 30, 2021

Legislative Update: Show of Support

Legislative Update - Show of Support

March 26, 2021

Dear Sage Oak Community,

It has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding year and despite obstacles, our students, families, and staff have shown grit and resilience and continue to thrive. 

In this current legislative session, we know of at least one spot bill that has been introduced that could potentially have a significant impact on nonclassroom-based charter schools like Sage Oak. In particular, we are following AB-1316, a placeholder bill that we believe will be expanded upon to include further limitations and/or restrictions on nonclassroom-based charter schools. 

Many of the legislators that will be voting on these bills are unfamiliar with or have misunderstandings about our school model. In addition, there has been an incredible amount of negative press regarding nonclassroom-based charter schools, such as the report we shared last month. The report presented our model in a negative light and made recommendations for legislators to initiate bills pursuant to regulating growth, reducing funding and costs, ethics and transparency, homeschooling, and education standards. 

There is no denying that these recommendations would have a significant impact on Sage Oak, and as a result, we want to do what we can to educate and inform key assembly members. We would like to share with assembly members the benefits and successes of our school model, the diverse families we serve, and the stories of our students’ achievements, especially during this challenging time.

As parents of public school students enrolled in a nonclassroom-based charter school, your voice matters to our legislators and we encourage you to share your story with key assembly members. We are asking that the Sage Oak community start a letter-writing campaign to these members. 

In your letter, you can...

  • Share the support that Sage Oak has provided for your student through a credentialed teacher overseeing your students’ assignments and personalized learning plan 
  • Share the value you have experienced from our i-Ready and state assessments and how they help you, as a parent, understand your students’ academic achievement levels
  • Share the importance of our Sage Oak community and the support it has provided you
  • If your student has an individualized education plan (IEP), share how Sage Oak serves your student and meets their unique needs

To support you in the letter-writing campaign, Sage Oak has provided you with the opening of a template letter, a list of assembly member contact information, and direct links to their contact page where you can submit the letter. We wanted to share this opportunity with our families who would like to be heard. Our goal is to have hundreds of letters or emails sent to our state legislators to help them understand the non-classroom public charter school model and the positive impact it has had on our families.

As always, we are truly humbled by the Sage Oak community and we are so incredibly grateful for your dedication to your children and the school.

Thank you for your support,

Jamee Block
Director of Education Services