June 4, 2021

Legislative Update: June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021

Dear Sage Oak Community,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion about AB-1316. On June 3rd, 2021, AB-1316 was placed into the inactive file before going to a vote in the Assembly. The bill can no longer be introduced during this legislative session, and it will not proceed to the Senate. It is important to note that the legislature could reintroduce language from this bill later in the calendar year or next year. As such, we will remain vigilant in monitoring future nonclassroom-based legislation.

We are also closely following Governor Newsom’s budget trailer bill. As part of his May Revision to the budget trailer bill, Governor Newsom has proposed language regarding Independent Study law that would effect nonclassroom-based programs. 

The following is a summary according to the California Consortium of Independent Study of the Governor’s proposed changes to independent study law, effective for the 2021-22 school year, that may have an impact on Sage Oak:

  • Requires weekly synchronous instruction - Requires written agreements to include a plan to provide both daily live interaction and synchronous instruction for all pupils at least once per week throughout the school year.
  • New requirements for board policies - Requires local independent study board policies to include new elements related to the quality of the program
  • New requirements for written agreements - Requires written agreements to contain provisions addressing communicating academic progress with parents/guardians, provision of connectivity/devices adequate to participate in the educational program, and a statement detailing academic and other supports for students not performing at grade level
  • No waivers - Does not allow State Board of Education to waive independent study requirements
  • New reporting for daily participation - Requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to create a digital form for LEAs to report daily participation and weekly engagement by September 1, 2021 

Click here to read the full budget trailer bill language pertaining to Independent Study. We will continue to track the budget trailer bill and provide more information about how to voice your opinion and any pertinent updates to the language soon. 


Jamee Block
Director of Education Services