Legislative Update: June 10, 2020

Good morning Sage Oak families,

AB-2990 has been quickly moved to the Assembly floor and will possibly be voted on today, or later this week. This bill would create new and additional limitations for non-classroom based charter schools, such as Sage Oak’s ability to partner with community providers (otherwise known as vendors). This bill was originally written to include all public schools, but has been recently amended, in what many have shared to be at the last minute, to only impact non-classroom based charter schools. To read the full bill text and view the status of the bill, click here.

As a public entity, Sage Oak Charter Schools cannot take a stance on this issue. We suggest that you please consider doing your own research on this bill and reach out to your local Assembly representatives to voice your opinion. To get started, we recommend that you search “Assembly Bill 2990” to find related groups on social media that provide bill updates and information about how to best contact your local representative.

This is a great opportunity to teach our children about advocacy and having their voices heard. You can easily look up your assembly representative here and it only takes a few minutes to make contact.

Thank you,

Krista Woodgrift
Executive Director