March 5, 2018

Irish Dancing Anyone?

The Carroll family sure keeps a busy schedule!

Alora, a National Honor Society junior, loves horseback riding, family history, and learning American Sign Language.  She has enjoyed taking Equine Science through NDCDE and American Sign Language through BYU.  She is currently studying Culinary Arts through a parent-created Sage Oak class. She is a dedicated student and she loves the freedom that homeschooling gives her to do things in ways that are satisfying to her.   

With the brain of an engineer and a passion for creative work, Astoria, freshman, is becoming an expert Origami artist, a beautiful pianist, and a master chef. She currently serves as the president of her youth group.  

As an eighth-grader, Clark gets a jumpstart on his two favorite topics as he tackles Java, through Silicone Valley High School, and Algebra for high school credit.  He also plays the piano and is working toward his Eagle Scout rank.  

Fourth-grader, Kayleigh, just can’t stop singing and is learning to play the piano and the Irish whistle.  She also loves to bake cookies!  

Also in fourth grade, Praia loves learning new things and is a talented and passionate artist who is working on publishing a coloring book.  She also likes to sew and made a ball gown for Halloween.

With such a diversity of interests, they still are a close family and find many things that they enjoy doing together such as Irish Dancing, reading, enjoying a weekly family night, taking a trip to the beach, Disneyland, and national parks.  They are also involved in a variety of service opportunities.

What a talented family!