April 28, 2018

Hopeful Hands Student In Action

The Sage Oak – Hopeful Hands Student In Action Team erupted with excitement and joy as their planning and hard work was recognized by The Jefferson Awards Foundation--Student in Action leadership program. Congratulations were received for a job well done. Kaitlyn and Brittyn, two 6th grade Sage Oak students, have showed enormous growth this year!  Both girls are members of a team of four 6th grade students who were invited to compete in a leadership program by focusing on a need in their community. The Hopeful Hands Team provided foster children with a Tote of Hope, a personal bag filled with items providing comfort and encouragement during this difficult time of transition to a place of safety and stability. Their initial project goal was to raise $2,500 dollars in donations in order to give 50 Totes of Hope care bags in three weeks.  Their actual impact far surpassed our expectations as they raised over $7,500 dollars, which is 200% more than their original goal! Due to the overwhelming amount of donations, they delivered more than 200 Totes of Hope. In addition, they activated 373 hours of volunteer service! They earned a gold level banner and won 1st place in the Los Angeles district. The Hopeful Hands team will travel to Washington DC in June to compete nationally to make the Tote of Hope care bag a model project that other Student in Actions teams can choose to activate at their high schools next year. Sage Oak Charter School played a key role in preparing Kaitlyn and Brittyn for this community project opportunity. They have both benefited from using educational funds and Sage Oak vendors to enhance their education and boost their self-confidence.  They used the skills they obtained from a customized homeschooling learning path to make a real impact in the lives of foster children. Most importantly, the project impacted Kaitlyn and Brittan’s life by changing their outlook and helping them become young, brave leaders in today’s world. When asked, what have you learned from this project? Kaitlyn responded, “This project has opened my eyes. I see needs that I never knew existed, and that I have the power to make a difference.” Brittyn replied, “I realized I could use my talents and knowledge of social media outlets to voice our cause and make a difference in the lives of others.” They may have started as young 6th graders just working on a school project, but by the time they were done, this project changed the way they see their world. It has become a life project! The team learned that if they are brave enough to engage with their communities, they could lead through volunteerism and impact many lives.