Oct. 20, 2020

COVID-19 Response Plan Update: Ventura County

October 20, 2020

Dear Sage Oak families,

Ventura County has successfully remained in tier 2 for two weeks on the State’s new 4-tier tracking system, Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Ventura County is now permitted by the State to open schools for in-person instruction, while still encouraging virtual learning. As a result, Ventura County has progressed into the Yellow phase on Sage Oak’s COVID-19 Response Map allowing for in-person services with community providers effective October 20, 2020. The following map is updated on the schools' website.

In-Person Community Provider (CP) Services
Prior to receiving CP services, students must agree to and sign the schools’ waiver and release form. The CP must have also returned a signed amendment to the Sage Oak business office before allowing in-person interactions. Teachers and parents can know that a CP is approved for in-person services by referencing this list of approved in-person CPs.

Student Resides in a Different County than the Community Provider
The option to meet in-person is based on the county where the CP’s physical location is. For example, if the student resides in Ventura County and uses a CP in San Bernardino County, the student would only be allowed to attend in-person services once San Bernardino County is in Yellow or Green regardless of what color phase the student’s county is in. If a student lives in San Bernardino County and would like to receive in-person services in Ventura County, that would be allowed.

Please use the following Google form to submit any questions related to the schools’ COVID-19 Response Plan.


Krista Woodgrift
Executive Director