Counseling Connection Newsletter: January 2023

Allie Whalen
PLA TK-8 & VLA Counselor  

Coral Prendergast
PLA TK-8 & HS Counselor  

Motivation & Goal Setting Resources

As we wrap up 2022 and the first semester, it’s a great time to reflect on our learning and goals for the future. Click here to access a student quick tip lesson on goal-setting for elementary students and here for middle and high school students.  


                 Flyer link

Motivation can be the driving force to success, but how do you figure out how to motivate your children? During our live workshop, you’ll learn different types of motivation, strategies to stay motivated, narrow down what you want, and set S.M.A.R.T goals. Click here or on the flyer link above for more information. We hope you have high aspirations for 2023! Make it a great year!

SEL Curriculum: Choose Love 

In January, students are going to continue to learn about gratitude. Gratitude is the ability to be thankful even when things are challenging. The more gratitude a person shows, the more active their brain’s hypothalamus becomes. While the hypothalamus controls various bodily functions (such as drinking, eating, and sleeping), it also significantly affects students’ metabolism and stress levels. Additionally, being thankful helps release dopamine, which not only makes students feel good but is also a key neurotransmitter for learning.

PLA students can click here to find this month’s self-paced lessons on gratitude. 

Our VLA students participate in monthly counseling classes during their school day. Parents can find additional resources here to further support and reinforce their student’s learning. 

Sage Oak students continue to be world changers by choosing love! 

Connect with Your Counselor 

We care about you! If you need to talk to a School Counselor, please complete the Counselor Request Form or ask the adult that you live with for assistance. 

You can find additional resources on our counseling classroom.

If you’re having a mental health or life-threatening emergency, 
please call 911 or go to the hospital.