Counseling Connection Newsletter: February 2023

Allie Whalen
PLA TK-8 & VLA Counselor  

Coral Prendergast
PLA TK-8 & HS Counselor  

The Five Love Languages

Have you ever had to communicate with someone who didn’t understand what you were saying? It’s frustrating to feel misunderstood. Unfortunately, the same thing can happen in relationships. This month’s Student Quick Tip teaches that there are multiple languages in which we show love to others and how we prefer to receive love. Students can click here to learn more. 

                 Recording Link

The need to feel loved is fundamental in all human beings. Based on the book series The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, this month’s workshop teaches parents how to strengthen and deepen their connection with their children by speaking their love language. Knowing, understanding, and utilizing their love language will help kids respond to guidance without resentment, increase motivation, and avoid misunderstandings. We will teach you how to recognize your child’s love language, fill their love tank, and behaviors to avoid. Click here to listen to this month’s recording. 

SEL Curriculum: Choose Love 

The third ingredient of our “Choose Love” formula is forgiveness. The program defines forgiveness as “choosing to let go of anger and resentment toward yourself or someone else, to surrender thoughts of revenge, and move forward with your personal power intact.” Those who practice forgiveness can have healthier relationships, better emotional regulation, less aggression and anger, and improved resilience and decision-making skills. 

  • PLA students can click here to find this month’s self-paced lessons on forgiveness.
  • VLA students participate in monthly counseling classes during their school day. Parents can find additional resources here to support and reinforce their student’s learning. 

Sage Oak students continue to be world changers by choosing love! 

Connect with Your Counselor 

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