Counseling Connection Newsletter: December 2022

Allie Whalen
PLA TK-8 & VLA Counselor  

Coral Prendergast
PLA TK-8 & HS Counselor  

Anxiety Resources

This month’s Quick Tip lesson is on coping strategies. Coping strategies are ways that students can manage crises, conditions, or demands that feel upsetting and unwanted. Coping will increase resilience as students learn self-awareness of skills and strategies that are useful in regulating their emotions. 

Our Parent Workshop will help you learn what anxiety looks and feels like and give you practical strategies to support your children.

For additional support including videos, book, and workbook recommendations, click on our anxiety resource shared here.

SEL Curriculum: Choose Love 

Sage Oak students are world changers and they do so by choosing love!

The Choose Love Social-Emotional Learning program includes four ingredients: courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action. We have created self-paced student lessons for our PLA students that families can utilize at home. This month’s lesson focuses on gratitude. Research shows that gratitude is consistently associated with greater happiness. Additionally, it helps people develop stronger relationships and overcome adversity. 

Our VLA students participate in monthly counseling classes during their school day. Parents can find additional resources here to further support and reinforce their student’s learning. 

We hope you LOVE these lessons as much as we do! 

Connect with Your Counselor 

We care about you! If you need to talk to a School Counselor, please complete the Counselor Request Form or ask the adult that you live with for assistance. 

You can find additional resources on our counseling classroom.

If you’re having a mental health or life-threatening emergency, 
please call 911 or go to the hospital.