June 9, 2017

8 Fantastic Extracurricular Activities with Sage Oak Vendors

Sage Oak is a tuition-free charter program where students benefit from a flexible, personalized learning program. Families choose which community vendors they want to receive educational and extracurricular services from, resulting in an ever-growing database of more than 1,000 top-learning resources across Southern California. With more educational funds per student than other similar programs, Sage Oak families typically find that they can afford a variety of interactive educational experiences to enrich their home study program. Below is a vendor sampling from the different areas we serve:

1. Gymnastics

Among our most popular vendors is Redlands Gymnastics Club, one of the cleanest and most welcoming gym centers you will ever find. There are tons of different programs catering to kids of all ages, plus an annual show and summer fun series.

2. Cooking

At Claremont Chefs Academy, children learn about ethnic foods and their history while safely preparing a fresh, healthy meal. The best part, of course, is that they get to eat the food they cook after. 

Another vendor, called Cooking Block, has a farm-to-table class that takes students to a farm and educates them on organic foods and sustainable farming. The students then return to the Cooking Block kitchen and prepare a guided meal using the ingredients they learned about on the farm. 

3. Swimming

We constantly hear rave reviews of Academy Swim Club in Valencia. Parents say their children pick up swimming there faster than they’d expected, and the kids have a blast. 

4. Acting

Many professional actors have come out of the Actorsite in North Hollywood; is your Sage Oak student next to make it from these top children’s acting classes to the big screen? Even if they just want to dabble in acting for a short time, there’s no better place than Actorsite to discover whether it is their true passion. 

5. Horseback Riding

Royal Griffith Farms is a beautiful ranch where children of all ages can learn horseback riding. More than simply riding horses, it’s a life experience that involves learning about one of nature’s most beautiful creatures and how to care for them. 

6. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is physically demanding, yet safe and fun at indoor centers such as Hangar 18. With eight locations across SoCal, it’s safe to say there is probably a Hangar 18 within driving distance of your home. They offer yoga and fitness classes in addition to rock climbing. 

7. Writing

Run by native Californian and homeschool mom, Tracey Bonsell, Writing-Essentials.com provides home-based and online writing classes for children in grades 3-9 using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) curriculum. 

“Because I have used it with my own children, I have seen first-hand how the techniques implemented on an incremental basis really serve to inspire and equip young writers to be able to express themselves well on paper,” Tracey says. “Through the IEW curriculum, I will teach not only the structure of writing (what goes where and why) but also the style of good writing.

8. Field Trips

Sage Oak’s 30-plus educational field trips per year offer amazing opportunities for students to learn and see the world outside. We are, after all, in Southern California, home to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland, and many other attractions.

Explore Sage Oak Vendors

Each of our vendors brings unique value to the Sage Oak experience. Collectively, they enable students to excel in the things they love, grow their weaknesses into strengths, and learn a vast array of skills along the way. And, extracurricular activities only represent a portion of Sage Oak’s vendors. Children also have access to educational vendors such as Huckleberry Learning Center, MeriEducation test prep and tutoring, and many more. We encourage you to discover the approved vendors in your area! Learn about Sage Oak vendors here.