Experiencing Sage Oak

Tremendous Commitment and Respect

From the day we met our TF she has treated my daughter's schooling with tremendous commitment and respect. She goes above and beyond to guarantee our child's success. Because our TF has partnered with us, we are not alone. We have the support of our TF and a great school, Sage Oak. I feel so confident about my daughter's future, her schooling, her success that I no longer fear high school. I no longer feel insecure about my daughter's education. On the contrary, I am convinced that Sage Oak is the way to go and that is because of our TF . My TF has helped me help my daughter. She has given me the help and knowledge necessary to homeschool my high school student. Our TF is so smart and she is so qualified and I never feel embarrassed to ask questions. She makes me feel so at ease and helps us understand by giving us better tools and options for education than if we were doing it on our own. Our TF also helps us to personalize our child's learning, she gets it. What started out as the worst year quickly changed when we met her . Now it's our best year yet. My student is confident, flourishing academically and she is happy and enjoying her learning. She is healthy mentally and physically. She is experiencing the academic excellence that Sage Oak strives to give their students. Thank you Sage Oak for your high standards and commitment to my daughter's academic success. Thank you for employing stellar Teacher Facilitators. For us, our TF is a Super Hero and I am certain that she is a very important reason why we are where we are today. She should wear a cape. ~ Barbara O, Parent


Informed Teacher Facilitators

Our TF is very well informed, incredibly kind and makes herself available to her families. We are brand new to homeschooling in this setting and our TF has been so supportive. She answers all our questions, gives great direction and advice and makes sure that we have what we need to succeed at this. My daughter loves her and is always excited to see her. We really feel like our TF represents Sage Oak professionally while also making it feel like we have joined a family. ~ Aileen J, Parent 

Eased My Anxiety 

I am so thankful that we found Sage Oak. I was new to homeschooling last school year, and Sage Oak really helped ease my anxiety about it all. I've already recommended Sage Oak to a few of my family and friends and some of them have enrolled and love it as I do. Thank you for all you do for our children. ~ Diana M, Parent 

Support When We Need It 

I just want to say that I love our TF, because she always answers any questions I have with my children's academics. She is very kind, informative and she helps me as a parent meet the academic goals I have set for my children through her terrific support. She also encourages my children when they have met their academic goals. ~ Diane O, Parent 

Helping My Child Succeed 

I can never say enough about my TF. Anytime I meet a new homeschooling family, I always mention her. My positive thoughts about Sage Oak is because of my relationship with my TF and how she has been so helpful to the success of my children's schooling. ~ Nancy M, Parent 

Engaged Learning 

At our LP meetings, our TF always takes time to engage directly with my daughter and talk to her about what she is learning. My daughter is always excited to share her work, pictures, videos, and experiences with her. Our TF is always responsive in processing purchase orders for music, art, and PE classes. ~ Nirvana P, Parent