Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to be vaccinated to enroll at Sage Oak?

No. Sage Oak Charter School is an independent study program and as such is exempt from SB277. We are, however, required to collect vaccination information and a copy of vaccinations (if applicable) will be requested. If you do not vaccinate your child(ren), you will fill out a form confirming this information.

Is there a limit to the amount of instructional funds that our family can use on service vendors?

No, there are no restrictions on how much instructional funds may be spent on one educational activity or another. However, it is important that students have a plan for addressing the standards in the core subjects such as math, reading, history and science before the TF can place service orders. As a publicly funded charter, teachers must assess student progress monthly in the core subjects. As long as students are making adequate progress towards the standards, they are welcome to use instructional funds on extra curricular service classes. At Sage Oak Charter School, we recognize that service vendors such as art, music and PE provide great value to the student’s educational program and we encourage families to use them to create a well rounded academic program.

What vendors are offered at Sage Oak?

Offering our students access to high quality materials and services is a top priority at Sage Oak Charter School. To that end, we strive to offer as many materials and service vendors as parents request. After vendors have submitted their application and the vendor has been approved, their name will be found on the school’s vendor page -  featuring a search tool that will allow parents to easily search and view our vendors.

How flexible is Sage Oak with programs and curriculum?

Sage Oak Charter School seeks to have quality programs in place that allow for flexibility while staying compliant within the law.

Students in K-8 will enjoy the freedom to explore topics and standards at their individual working level and pace. At Sage Oak Charter School, we will strive to create an independent study school that is sustainable through policies and practices that put the best interest of students first while following charter school guidelines and best practices. We realize that students flourish when there is maximum flexibility and we fully support a parent’s right to educate their children in a manner that honors their unique learning style.

In our WASC accredited high school program, we strive to create a program that meets the needs of all students whether they be university, community college, trade school or career bound. The school will provide a high level of support to our families through a partnership with TFs who are highly trained and comfortable serving high school students. Our highly qualified teachers will work with students to create a high school course plan that meets the requirements no matter what path is chosen. Parents can feel confident that the school’s high school program is reputable and high quality. We offer many diverse options to meet your high school student’s individual needs.

I have curriculum that I purchased on my own. Can I still use that for my elementary students?

Yes! How you teach your children, what you use to teach them and your educational philosophy is your decision and is supported by the school. The parent, the student, and the TF will meet monthly to discuss what was learned and celebrate student successes.

Is Sage Oak WASC accredited?

Yes, as of Spring 2016, Sage Oak Charter School has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

According to WASC’s website, WASC is a process that serves as the foundation for quality education. An accredited school is a statement to the broader community and the stakeholders that it is trustworthy institution for student learning and committed to ongoing improvement. We are proud and pleased to be able to offer Sage Oak students an accredited program.

What will I (the parent) have to do on my end to keep track of learning?

We believe, as we feel you do, that your day is best spent educating your children. As a publicly funded charter school we are accountable to the state. When the family meets with their assigned TF, the student and TF will review the learning that took place in the previous learning period. Parents will have access to Student Pathways, the information and learning system that will be used by the school. In that system parents will have the option to mark a box to indicate learning took place each day or that can also be done on a hard copy with the TF at the monthly meeting. The parent will decide which option is most convenient.

How is Sage Oak different than my current school?

That is a hard question to answer because there are so many options in independent study. The beauty of independent study schools is that parents and students have choices within the parameters of state and federal guidelines. Rather than trying to compare our program to all the different programs out there, it is important to share what Sage Oak values.

• Student Centered: We strive to support students in becoming lifelong learners by offering their parents tools to educate them according to their unique needs.
• Support: Our goal is to hire and train top quality teachers who will provide the highest level of service and support to our families.
• Integrity and Compliance: We strive to remain compliant with the law in order to keep the school sustainable.
• Positive School Culture: We strive to maintain a positive school culture where every student, parent and teacher is a valued member of the team. Parents on our Parent Advisory Council will play an active role and feedback will be welcomed and appreciated.
• Streamlined: We strive to keep paperwork and documentation requirements streamlined and minimized so the parent and student can focus on learning. We will minimize mid-year program changes and requirements to the best of our ability.
• Standard of Excellence. We will promote the highest standard of excellence in all we do as it is our goal to provide the most exceptional personalized learning program.

What is the difference between a Teacher Facilitator (TF) and an Education Advisor (EA)?

TFs (Teacher Facilitators) are assigned to students in grades TK-8. You will meet with your TF every learning period in person. At this meeting, your TF will review your student's work, collect work samples, plan ahead for the next LP (learning period) with you, answer any questions you have regarding your child, and deliver any supplies that were ordered with IFs (Institutional Funds). Your TF is your go-to person and the teacher of record for your TK-8th grade student.

EAs (Educational Advisors) are specially trained in high school graduation requirements, creating individualized path toward graduation, college admissions, UC A-G requirements and high school curriculum options. They may hold LP meetings virtually or in person, collect work samples and pace high school courses. The EA hosts local events for high school students such as study hall, college tours, educational events etc.

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