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How Students are Learning Math at Sage Oak


For students of all ages and skill levels, math often poses a challenge. From foundational math skills to advanced concepts, Sage Oak supports students and their parents to find the math program that’s right for them. Math education at Sage Oak is a personalized experience that meets state criteria and standards while breaking away from the typical textbooks and endless practice problems. Collectively, our many math partners transform a traditionally dry subject into one that is manageable and–dare we say it–fun.

Choosing a Math Curriculum

Sage Oak offers a learning style inventory designed to help you and your student discover a learning philosophy and a teaching style that yields positive results. A Guide to The Kaleidoscope Profile®: Interpreting Your Styles will provide guidance to the best working environment by reviewing how the student learns and works best. Personalized learning is especially beneficial in math, where concepts build on each other and require students to recall skills from past courses. If you have difficulty choosing a learning philosophy, you can download our curriculum handbook online for an interactive guide.  

Popular Picks

With dozens of vendors and resources to choose from, math has never been more approachable. Here are a few of the most popular math curriculums among Sage Oak families:

  • Saxon Math – 120 lessons, laid out all the way through high school
  • Math Maze – Colorful, kid-friendly math games
  • Life of Fred Mathematics – Story-based math problems for kids who love to read
  • Singapore Math – Less busy work, more critical thinking
  • Live Online Math – Increasingly popular because of its virtual classroom setting
  • Brigham Young University – A structured high school math curriculum from a prestigious university
  • Khan Academy – Concept-intensive learning
  • i-Ready – Expanded concepts and new perspectives to promote real-world application

Math Tutoring and Support

Sage Oak provides math intervention tutoring for students who qualify. Our Student Study Team (SST) meets with the student and parents to determine whether those difficulties are arising from the curriculum itself. From there, the school provides goals and recommendations to benefit the student. Our experienced teacher facilitators understand how overwhelming math can be when a concept isn’t clicking, and take the time to develop a holistic plan for overcoming the obstacle.

Students who are struggling aren’t the only ones who seek tutoring. Even those who excel are using resources such as Yup, a virtual tutoring app, to take advantage of the digital and remote age in tutoring. Sage Oak also offers free subscriptions and helpful tools like Brain Pop and IXL. In addition we partner with local organizations such as Valencia Tutors and Math Support Services to provide our students with additional math resources.

Explore a World of Options and Resources

Are you looking for a flexible, established personalized learning program that will mold to you and your child’s educational goals? Learn more about the opportunities that await at Sage Oak here.

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