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Sage Oak Student Wins Brain Chase Trip to Norway, and $10,000 Scholarship

"This isn’t just fiction—there’s a real treasure buried somewhere on Earth. As students complete weekly challenges, they will be given access to videos containing clues to the treasure's location. The first adventurer to decipher the clues and find the treasure will receive a trip to dig it up, along with a $10,000 scholarship."

Sage Oak's very own Abby Hurst from Riverside, California is Brain Chase's most recent winner. They flew Abby and her mother to Asker, Norway to unearth the treasure box after being the first student to solve all of the clues. And what's even better? In the treasure box was not only the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, but also a $10,000 scholarship for Abby! You can read more about the clues and the process of solving the mystery by clicking here. Check out the video below to see what Abby did during her trip to Norway.

Brain Chase is an online learning challenge with a big prize for the student who solves the mystery first. Students follow clues on in the form of pictures, videos, encoded messages, and other challenges. To win, the student must be the first to solve all of the clues during the five to eight week long process and determine the location of the treasure. The award for the winner is a trip to the location where the treasure is buried to unearth it and see what lies in the treasure box. Previous winners have been to Llivia, Spain, Fuji City, Japan, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The treasures have included the Globe of Magellan, the Sunstone of Cortés, and the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, each of which came with a $10,000 scholarship for the winning student.

Brain Chase offers their flexible educational program to schools, educational groups, and home schoolers and are an approved Sage Oak vendor. For more information on Brain Chase, visit them on the web at


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